Global defense spending close to two trillion dollars

defense Spending worldwide exceeded $ 1.8 trillion. And in the next 10 years spending on military needs will continue to grow approximately on 1,5-2% a year, writes TASS with reference to the study of the analytical Agency Jane’s.

Experts point out that the global increase in costs, of course, slowed down. If in 2018 it was 6%, in 2019 — 1%. However, this does not apply to Europe. They began to spend on their army which is 5.2% more money than before.

overall, the top ten countries with the largest military budgets especially does not change. In the first place are still the United States. States defense 726 billion. Second place for China to 217 billion, third is Saudi Arabia – 57 billion. Russia is only the eighth spot. In 2019 the country has spent on military needs $ 48 billion.