Fans of RasenBallsport Leipzig criticize what they consider to be unjustified admission controls before the Champions League game against Shakhtar Donetsk (4-0) in Warsaw on Wednesday evening. Some Leipzig supporters wrote on Twitter that women almost had to undress and that minors were “touched intimately without cause”.

The club confirmed that. As a consequence, the active fan scene decided to dismantle the choreography planned for the game against the Ukrainian club. In addition, the fan banners were hung upside down as a sign of protest.

Did the Polish law enforcement officers and the police go too far? RB Leipzig at least filed a complaint with the European association Uefa on Wednesday evening. Fans, including numerous women, are said to have been illuminated with a flashlight in their underwear when they entered. At Shakhtar, it was initially said that “the processes are being checked”.

“We condemned this form of controls and have already lodged a complaint with Uefa about what we believe to be the harsh admission procedure,” said RB, describing the admission controls as “disproportionate”. After initial checks by a security service, the police are said to have taken over. Among other things, fans are said to have been illuminated in their underwear, it was also said in an RB message.

In addition, several fans were asked to “take off their scarves during the controls”. According to the club, they were not allowed to resume this after the controls. “Two people were also taken into custody as part of the controls,” as confirmed by RB.

The club is in contact with the German embassy in Warsaw – “in case these RBL fans have to stay in Warsaw overnight,” it said on Wednesday evening.