Golikova: in Russia revealed more than 7 thousand cases of coronavirus during the day

At the final Collegium of the Ministry of health on Friday, Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova said that the number of diagnosed new cases COVID-19 in the country for the day dropped to the level less than 7 thousand, reports “Interfax”.

“Today, the number of detected new cases of coronavirus is below 7 and is 6 thousand 800”, — said Golikova.

She noted that these figures can not but rejoice and expressed the hope that the downward trend will continue.

Vice Prime Minister stressed that the doctors are doing everything possible to ensure that as much as possible to save human lives, despite the difficult and heavy course of the disease.

She noted that, “however, there is still quite a large number of deaths which, of course, everyone is upset”.

“it is Very important to pull the man to the last, to use all possible measures in order to save a human life”, — said Golikova.