Golikova said that Russia has passed the peak of the pandemic

the Peak incidence of novel coronavirus infection in Russia was on may 11, when the output from the mode days. This was told at the briefing in the government by Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova.

since March 17, when, in fact, began to develop an epidemic of coronavirus COVID-19 in Russia, testing or the number of PCR studies has increased in 139 times. On may 11, PCR testing has increased in 5.6 times, reports TASS.

According to Golikova, the coronavirus was the main cause of death 1 660 Russians in April and was diagnosed in 1 052 Russians who died in April for other reasons. Overall mortality in Russia in April was 2.9 percent less than the same month in 2019. In absolute terms, the decline amounted to 4.4 thousand people.

higher was in April the mortality rate in Moscow, the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and several other regions. The mortality rate for the other subjects of the Russian Federation was “more or less traditional, with some variations,” said Deputy Prime Minister.

davidnyc clinics have already been discharged 79 per cent of all patients referred there for treatment, has noted Golikova.

“I think this is a very good indicator,” she said.

In regions where the epidemic has gone on recession, the beds are transferred back into the provision of routine medical care. In 43 Russian regions, more than half have already started the removal of the regime of self-isolation and are in the first stage of this process. Six regions are in the second stage. The remaining regions are gradually moving to the first stage of the removal of restrictions, reports “Interfax”.

the Virus, according to Golikova, “is with us, operates in the population”. The share of Moscow and Moscow region in the number of new cases detected in the country every day, has already decreased and is less than a quarter: there is a shift of growth toward other regions of our country.

the Pace of daily growth of new cases since the end of the mart has decreased in 16 times, said Golikova, and today in Russia on average is 1.7-1.8 percent. However, this still causes concern, as the peak morbidity in Russia “has reached very high figures.”

According to Golikova, testing for antibodies to the new coronavirus by enzyme immunoassay (ELISA) received almost 650 thousand people. Immunity was detected in 14 percent of patients.

the Largest share tested — 88 percent — come to Moscow, although in total this has contributed 47 regions of the country. The CPS, according to Golikova, is actively preparing for population-based research in the regions of Russia.

“We hope that this will help us to understand how deep the virus has penetrated our population, and how our population is already naturally protected,” — said Deputy Prime Minister.

as for the ELISA-testing of health care workers in hospitals in the capital, in the first stage, the survey to 15.5 thousand physicians in 60 institutions revealed the presence of antibodies in 16.5 percent of them. Upon repeated examination of the antibodies was detected in 32.4% tested: at 21% they are detected again, and 11.4 percent for the first time.