Goncharuk statement of resignation called

the Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexei Goncharuk, the resignation is a cheap PR. This opinion was expressed by the head of the political Council of the Ukrainian party “the Opposition platform For life” Viktor Medvedchuk.

He recalled that in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, this statement Goncharuk may be made only by the Verkhovna Rada, not the President Vladimir Zelensky.

“In this case is a cheap publicity stunt Goncharuk, has nothing to do with the resignation of the Prime Minister”, — said Medvedchuk.

the Politician believes that Goncharuk and his government deserve dismissal, but that, unfortunately, will not happen.

In turn, the co-Chairman of the faction “European solidarity” Arthur Gerasimov said that the Parliament had not received a statement from Goncharuk. According to him, “it is unknown where the government”, reports “Interfax”.

meanwhile, member of the Council for interethnic relations under the RF President Bogdan Bezpalko believes that Goncharuk suits Zelensky, and his incompetence was hardly for President a secret, although he framed with wire. If Zelensky something does not suit in the premiere, the President would have made Goncharuk to leave the post early.

“Following this logic, probably after his resignation Goncharuk should be followed by a resignation Zelensky — the same can not govern a country man who knows nothing about Economics and is a complete ignoramus,” said RIA Novosti Bezpalko.

According to him, Zelensky may not accept the resignation or defer it till a more convenient moment. Also, it can somehow be punished. Goncharuk. If all the same the resignation of the Prime Minister will take place, it is impossible to predict who will take his place. This is likely to be some kind of technical compromise figure that satisfied and when it will be “the same ignoramus in Economics, as does Goncharuk”.