Goodnight jokers! SK began the search for the bloggers,

Everything connected with the swastika, Nazism, Hitler will forever be a bloody wound in the memory of our people. Therefore, SK will find those responsible for sending mocking photoshop with the participation of the heroes of the program “good night, kids”. Who dressed them in Nazi uniforms?

At the end of last week, one story was very interested in the capital’s Investigative Committee. In the headlines of relevant news — a reference to the legendary TV program “Goodnight kids”. That’s just the context is set.

It’s about actively spreading in social networks shots from the evening show. Which were, shall we say, very unusual treatment. Example in the screenshot. Plush doll Stepashky — traditionally dressed in striped. But, Oksana Fedorova, at the behest of anonymous creatives, tried on a Nazi uniform.

Judging from the oak leaves in their buttonholes and distinctive insignia — not only as one of the highest ranks of the SS. And draw all this quite efficiently: it is clear that the creators of the collage as a need to work in photoshop. And then, of course, I want to ask — what is the meaning of venture?

Someone is sure that just a weird joke — and indeed, they say, what did not find in the depths of the Internet. But others accused the authors of the propaganda of hatred and hostility, demanding to bring them to justice.

They are familiar to millions. Childhood friends for several generations. But that fake web frame — infinitely alien. At stepashky — a characteristic side-swept bangs, Phil in a military uniform of the Third Reich. On the table a plan of attack on Poland. The first of September is not the knowledge day and the start date of world war II.

“We know what the telegram began to do, we know all the traces, as it happened, and we understand why. Of course, a few days ago held a Victory Parade, and the children watched and understood, who is this war winner. And when an attempt is made to derail the outcome of the Second world war, it is clear that it is necessary to influenceus on children”, — said Alexander Mitroshenkov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TV “good night, kids!”.

to Influence decided with the help of a fake 9-year-old. The company Stepashky, Fili and Karkusha — Oksana Fedorova. In her hands the autobiography of Hitler — mocking rose for kids, the Nazi pamphlet “the Subhuman”.

“In this case, the crucial question is to find these people, today is not a problem. First of all, it will be written statement to the Investigation Committee with a request to identify those individuals who created this image, and who shows Nazi symbols. And I think that the Investigative Committee is easy to set up,” said Anatoly Kucherena, the lawyer, Honored lawyer of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Public Council at the interior Ministry.

“good night, kids!” broadcast more than half a century. Changed the leading characters — one was invariably the love of the audience. Those who grew up with piggy and Stepashi, aunt Valya and uncle Vova on the screen — was considered a fake mockery of the transfer.

“what’s the danger of these fakes in that, under the auspices of humor, under the auspices of the jokes there is a confusion of concepts. There are things you can’t laugh, there are things that are very serious no matter how much time has passed, because all that is associated with the swastika, Nazism, Hitler, forever associated with the bloody wound in the memory of our people”, — said Irina Volynets, the mother of many children, President of the National parent Committee.

the joke is clearly delayed. But, once in the network, have left a digital footprint. To find and punish you. In the first place — for the demonstration of Nazi symbols.

“of Course, this is unacceptable and we need to handle the law enforcement, and even to bring the perpetrators, although this is very, very — believe me — it is not easy to establish those persons who have produced and posted. But responsibleness can to attract those that reproduce, at least on paper 20.3 there administrative arrest for up to 15 days”, — says Ivan Solovyov, a lawyer, member of the scientific Advisory Board of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

Yesterday a stupid joke today draws on a deliberate provocation — and along with another article. On the distribution of fakes. Which, incidentally, discovered at the same time in social networks and different sites. What a wonderful coincidence doesn’t look like it.

“Those people who spread this information, now it is the enemies of our society, and it is clear why now in the voting period, the country chooses the path to the Fatherland and now the struggle intensifies”, — said Evgeny Fedorov, Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

Maybe this time, at least the distributors of fake, from punishment to leave will not work. The investigative Committee in Moscow began its review.