Google has released three

Google continues to expand the range of experimental Android applications for “digital prosperity” (Digital Wellbeing) designed to limit the experience of the user with the smartphone. This week, the series added three new programs: Envelope, Screen Stopwatch and Activity Bubbles.

google has released three medicine from a smartphone based 1

the Envelope is described as an “experimental app, which temporarily transforms your smartphone into a more simple and quiet device, helping you to relax from the digital world”. It offers to print a PDF file, folded sheet in an envelope and put the device.

In this “mode” Envelope will allow access only to calls and the camera, and calculation is made of the fact that the user is unlikely to want to deploy the paper. While this program can only be installed on one model — Pixel 3a, writes Android Police.

google has released three medicine from a smartphone based 2

Screen Stopwatch is a more gentle alternative to applications that consider the time spent for the phone. “Live Wallpaper” is not so Intrusive: they show the current time and date on the home screen, and also a big clock with a countdown that has been given to the device during the day. When the smartphone is not in use, the counter is on pause.

google has released three medicine from a smartphone based 3

the Third program — Activity Bubbles — does not apply to Digital Wellbeing directly, but helps give a visual idea of how much time the user spends on the screen. Every time, you unlock your smartphone “live Wallpaper” drops the vial, and the longer the device is used, the bigger its size. In the end that will appear on the screen curlicue NAPominaeshi about the duration of the sessions.

Text: To.Hi-tech