There are four ornamental plants on the window sill in the stairwell, and an ornamental tree in front of the apartment door. Sports shoes are neatly lined up in a small shoe rack. The fact that heavily armed police officers broke down the door here the day before can be seen from a silver triangle and a padlock that locks the door provisionally. The door viewer is covered with black tape.

The residential area is neat. There is a small playground in front of the house, residents hang their laundry on their balconies. It’s a quiet area here, says one of those who live here.

So this is where the 29-year-old German-Armenian Gor H lived. He is said to have killed a teacher from Hesse during a rampage near Breitscheidplatz on Wednesday and injured 31 people, including 14 young people in a school class, some seriously. Six people are still in a life-threatening condition.

A local resident, who declined to be named, says that Gor. H. have often seen. He was always nice and always said hello in a friendly way. She also often accepted packages for him. Regarding the police operation the day before, she says: “It’s not the first time the police have come to our house.” She had been there several times, but she couldn’t say why.

Another neighbor also reports that he saw Gor H. frequently. The news of the rampage would have shocked him. He can’t believe it was his neighbor, he says. He noticed the search by the police’s special task force on Wednesday. The scenery seemed threatening and it was very loud in the house.

Drugs were found during the search, police said. Gor H. is said to have suffered from mental problems in the past.

The 29-year-old was naturalized in Germany in 2015. He is known to the police. The authority determined in the past because of bodily harm, trespassing and insult. The police file counts a total of 21 entries according to WELT information from Gor H. There is no knowledge of political or extremist acts. However, Gor H. is said to have been in a psychiatric facility from the end of 2013 to 2014.

After the death drive in Berlin, the Berlin public prosecutor’s office applied on Thursday for the driver to be placed in a psychiatric institution. This was announced by the spokesman for the public prosecutor, Sebastian Büchner, on Thursday. There are indications that the arrested 29-year-old suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. Prosecutors have charged him with one murder and 31 counts of attempted murder.