Government forces in Syria to the capital of the terrorists left 45 kilometers

Syrian Government troops drove the militants from the village of al-Tah in Idlib province and occupied it. From there to the regional capital, where they still are terrorists, 45 kilometers. But until the world at al-Taha is still far.

Civilians on those streets is almost gone. They all ran after the beginning of attacks by the militants. This town of al-Tah.

To Idlib in a straight line of about 45 miles. The battle for the quarters ended only a few days ago. Now the main task of the government forces to hold the liberated areas.

the City was liberated, but the shells of fighters still to come. So we quickly and carefully, accompanied by Syrian soldiers we zipped through the streets. In the middle of the usual rubble of the unfinished skyscraper. This is one of the temporary observation posts. All the surroundings are all visible.
In the East, the line of demarcation. And there goes the main highway. The rebels there took up defensive positions. Their firing point right next to the road. We need to take the nearest village to surround them.

Et-Tah — strategically important point on the outskirts of Idlib. The militant group “Hayat-Tahrir al-sham” regularly make forays in and booby-trapped cars to suicide bombers. However, all the attacks of the government forces managed to repel.

Captured weapons, captured soldiers of the government army near Idlib. Homemade gun caliber 300 mm. In fact, a common gas pipe. Shoot the gas cylinders to a distance of six kilometers.

And even mixed mortars, numerous machine guns and rifles. Even anti-tank guns during the Second world war. Same here — drones modern installations with night vision scopes, medicines and radios.

All militants abandoned during the retreat. And that’s just in one village. Something we can use, something goes on ppereplavku. But the most interesting trophy, perhaps an armored car. And not to say that in the past this is a normal civilian truck. He was welded armor plates and mounted machine gun. In the windshield — the trace of the bullets. In the side — through hole. This armored vehicle they fired on our positions. But the sniper stopped them. Beautiful shot.

the Syrian command urged fighters to lay down their arms. Those in the answer is still a stubborn resistance, and periodically try to attack. The Syrian military daily record dozens of attacks by militants. Also the movement of heavy equipment — tanks and mortars. According to intelligence, the militants planned another attack, to which you need to be prepared.