Grachevka in the colors of the rainbow: Rosprirodnadzor found the source of the contamination

In the suburbs do not stop work on the liquidation of a large oil spill on the Khimki reservoir. Its area, according to Rosprirodnadzor, has increased to 30 thousand square meters. To clarify the causes of the emergency have joined the environmental Prosecutor’s office and the Investigative Committee. Also became known the possible culprit is pollution.

the specialists of the Moscow regional rescue and recovery service busy hard case. First, on the surface of the water, pour the powder, then after it is soaked with oil, the sorbent collected in special tanks. The river Grachevka in all colors of the rainbow.

the First containment fence installed near the source of the river Grachevka. Later, when pollution was recorded in Butakov Bay and even in the Khimki reservoir, downstream, there are additional rows of barriers.

a Sharp chemical smell, the locals felt at the end of last week. Waste in the river dumped before, people say. But this time pollution process lasted continuously for several days.

“I Have a feeling that there is a very convenient place for discharge of oil products of any size that are not from this hand relatively well-maintained, and on the other side of the bridge,” explains Natalia Popova.

on the other side of the bridge is the runoff of urban stormwater. Specialists using robotics alternately examined dozens of node wells in the system.

“We found the source, found the well, which are similar to petroleum products. We took swift action — pumped. Now we are actively rinse the collectors,” — reports Deputy head of administration of city district Khimki Dmitry Chistyakov.

I Found the culprit and pollution construction company. On its territory found containers with remnants of machine oil and diesel fuel.

“inspected the site of GVSU “Spetsstroy”. During the inspection of wells on thoseritorii of this organization determined that the above construction is filled with mineral oil. Produced by respectively sampling identified additional open reservoirs,” says the head of regional Department of Rosprirodnadzor for Moscow and Smolensk oblasts Natalia Afanasyev.

Already the first tests showed that the concentration of oil products in water has been exceeded a thousand times. The total area of contamination is more than 20 thousand square meters. Ecologists recorded the death of fish and birds.

– of Course, this is a depressing situation. Clearly the place to be an environmental disaster!

And this is not a rant. The Khimki reservoir supplies water to Moscow. And on the elimination of all consequences can take months, if not years.

“Certainly threatened the whole biosystem of the Khimki reservoir. It and fish, and various aquatic animals, and aquatic plants”, confirms environmentalist Vladislav Zhukov.

specialists of the environmental Prosecutor’s office, the regional Ministry of ecology, Rosprirodnadzor, the Ministry of emergencies and local administration continue to work on the place. The damage caused to natural objects, can be assessed after more samples and obtaining laboratory reports. There is a check. The first results sent to the Investigation Committee.