Grand Scam Nikita Alexander

the Police of the Chelyabinsk versed in a Grand Scam. According to local residents, it cranked a lawyer or a person who calls himself. It deceived customers found that in the past their defender was serving a sentence for fraud, and then changed his name and opened a fake office. Now he supposedly does not give people money, a particularly persistent customers descend the stairs. How is this possible?

This is an Amateur video filmed in one of the law firms of Chelyabinsk. The head of the office, a man in a blue t-shirt with a tattoo on the arm, trying to get rid of dissatisfied customers. People want to return money for never rendered, according to them, the help. But a lawyer named Nikita with a strange name Alexander, it seems, does not want to listen to them.

– Then everything stopped. Man it was impossible to find. Says: he is in Tyumen, he Cremini. It stretches endless!
– mark Abramovich, I suggest you to sign the inventory and close your mouth.

At some point, the eloquence of a lawyer and ends of oratory, he goes to the battle: roughly takes for the jacket to an elderly man and force pushes him out of office.

Retired mark milyavsky still in shock. In the past he worked in the police and knows the laws. The man says: pay the lawyer 40 thousand rubles for the presentation of its interests in the arbitration court. But the work wasn’t going milyavsky decided to pick up the documents. Instead, it flew out the door.

– have You seen his complexion and mine. I’m 66 years old, he me like a feather thrown away. I flew, and there is a railing of iron. About handrails and railing I hit my head, took a examination, determined that I have a concussion.

Aggressive lawyer, judging from the video, did not stop there: he pushed all the women and went outside. There are so called Nikita Alexander nearly staged another fight, with a different client.

Witnesses called the police, but the defender escaped. It seems that his courage is only enough for ladies and the elderly. The victim of mark milyavsky held its owngovernmental investigation and found out that a lawyer is probably a fake.

“he Turned out to be a fraud. He served 20 years in the end. He the swindler-the recidivist” — said the pensioner.

the words of a former policeman was confirmed by our colleagues: the reporter of the criminal chronicle of the Chelyabinsk television watched shocking footage of law firms and recognized in a certain Nikita Alexandra a completely different person.

“Now this man’s name is Nikita G. Alexander, before he was Davydov Vadim Gennadevich. Prosecuted for fraud on a large scale. Thus, according to the state office of public Prosecutor, they, along with the company created a company selling cement,” — said the reporter of the criminal chronicle program “Extraordinary News Agency” 31 channel Tatiana Lavrov.

the cement Gang of crooks was operating in the capital of the southern Urals since 2006. Five swindlers sold a non-existent building materials at competitive prices. For liars fell 17 people in total, they gave criminals 15 million rubles. In 2009, the police detained businessmen.

after 2 years, the court pronounced the verdict of scams. One of the gang members, Vadim Davydov, was then eight and a half years of strict regime colony. Apparently, this was not the first conviction of fraud.

Shots taken in jail number 1: in the video, presumably the scammer Vadim Davydov. He is the twin brother of the very aggressive lawyer. The convict seems to be trying to crank out another trick. Complains about the conditions of detention.

– there are No conditions for the reception of hot food. There are no conditions for pre-trial investigation. Based on international practice, this torture and humiliation!

they Say that in the colony Davydov became a kind of Jailhouse lawyer advising convicted persons in civil cases, helped to write complaints and appeals. In the middle of 2019, after serving the prescribed time, Davydov was released and disappeared. And in half a year in Chelyabinsk turned up a Nikita Alexander, very similar to the fraudster Davydova. Opened in the center city law firm and was taking clients.

“We found around 10 people who suffered from this office lawyers, and particularly from the man who gave them false promises and nothing done, taking from them various amounts of money,” — said Olga Vasilyeva.

the resident of Chelyabinsk says that he gave the lawyer 23 thousand rubles. He allegedly promised her to deal with the owner of the truck who lost the car women. However, the case ended before it even started.

Customers aggressive defender shall be: to believe his word, as he was sure that he was a professional lawyer and has a law crust. Only later found out that in a law office about this character have not heard anything.

“the kind of lawyer we have in the registry. As regards such lawyers — unfortunately, it is the legal illiteracy of our population. And where you promise a lot, where people go,” — said the President of the Law chamber of the Chelyabinsk region Ivan Kazakov.

the Chelyabinsk journalists managed to track down the controversial lawyer and record an interview with him. During the conversation, a man named Nikita Alexander was covering his mouth with his fist and assured: customers have only themselves to blame. A battered pensioner and even called a criminal.

– He is not a pensioner is a professional con man.
– And the fact that he wants back his papers?
– He took them the same day. He stole them. And a few other things.
– And here’s the video you’ve pushed him.
– That’s just the situation. But it’s called consumer terrorism. All of his work is high quality, properly it turns out. Why this behavior? Is unclear.

About his allegedly criminal past and a possible change of name and surname, the lawyer refused to talk. And after a report from his participation aired on local TV, pugnacious defender and disappeared. At the law office has only one employee, and that not opening the door.

does Not appear Nikita Alexander and in a luxury residential complex, where, according to disgruntled clients, who until recently lived. It is unclear who is the lawyer opened the door girl, but their behavior is somewhat similar. Defrauded customers of Nikita Alexander had already written a statement to the police.

“On citizens’ applications is currently being tested, the results of which will be decided in accordance with the current legislation”, — said the head of Department on interaction with mass-media UMVD of Russia in the city of Chelyabinsk in the Love Department.

a Separate statement written and the injured pensioner mark milyavsky: he accuses Nikita Alexander of beating. It is possible that soon the knowledge of the law most useful to the prospective lawyer-the swindler.

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