“to Raise the prestige of the profession”, increase and “to attract the attention of the young generation” to the field of funeral services. It is the goal of competition which will pass in Omsk in the end of this summer. However, the skills required for a competition is very specific. To dig holes for burial. And as quickly as possible.

the Contest is officially called the “Grave lawlessness” — this is expected in Russia for the first time. Now team future members, with two members each. They will have to work strictly according to the specified parameters, but a measuring device for the results will serve as “a coffin”.

Initially, the competition had become part of the seaside forum of funeral services. However, today the organizers announced that the contest of speed gravediggers is transferred to Siberia.

Moreover, the attention attracted by using a popular meme with cats. Many of this promotion seemed to put it mildly, controversial. So in the Omsk event are happy not all.

to participate may not everyone, but only those who have professional skills. To dig graves must be able to quickly and efficiently. An experienced jury will assess participants ‘ skills. Importantly, the coffin went into the grave the first time.

“in Addition to the physical and, frankly speaking, not everyone can dig a hole the size of two meters, then there requires skills and understanding of some aspects. Decided to hold an unusual competition, every year we organize different competition,” explains Boris Yakushin, General Director of the professional exhibition “Necropolis”.

the Father of Boris is well-known in the funeral business in the country. Popular magazine GQ has even released an article about the best private Russia crematorium. Now the dynasty is not only a competition of diggers, but the drivers of the hearses on extreme driving. However, the initiative is open to question. Site have not agreed. Unlike the competition diggers.

“In fact, it is professional competition. And pandemic is on the decline in our country have shown how important this profession is, how important the procedure of safety”, — said Vadim Luchko, the contest organizer, Director of “SRO “Heritage”.

by the Way, the idea of such competition is not new. And maybe the winners of the Russian stage will try to dig up competitors abroad. In Hungary the “experts with a shovel” compete on speed and quality for several years. And in the Guinness book of records even have been the representative of this ancient profession. Now the chance of the Russians.

“We are people, and we also need such joint activities, especially they are the exchange of experience, not afraid of the words, “we can be proud of their achievements.” After all, no one is not afraid of film festivals” — says Anton Avdeev, the representative of trade Union of workers of ritual services.

the Profession is real and necessary, but whether to promote the contest — thought at first the residents of Primorye, and now Omsk. The cities did not really want to be associated with the capital of such events. True, many don’t even believe that such a competition can actually be.

That one seems at least strange, others can cause even demand. As practice shows: fast digger, or “burying” the ceremony of farewell from influential people in narrow circles can be claimed as inlaid precious stones coffin. It was also presented at the last professional event.