Greedy and aggressive drunk: Kharlamov was transferred to

day after day, the Network is actively exaggerate a divorce of TV presenter and showman Garik Kharlamov with actress Christine Asmus. Allegedly his producer Olesya Sazykina and promoter Natalya Subbotina told that a man has a bad temper, suffer from compulsive gambling and alcoholism. The comedian broke down and decided to comment on the appeared information.

“more bullshit flying around in the web about our divorce,” he wrote on his page in Instagram Garik Kharlamov. He noted that he never had a producer Olesya Sazykina, he also knows no Natalia Subbotina.

With the aim of advancing the so-called “friends” and “acquaintances” Kharlamov, who had anything to say about it, the comedian decided to list all his negative qualities. The entertainer called himself a heavy man with a bad character, greedy, narcissistic, aggressive drunk. Among the characteristics Kharlamov lit up the presence of arachnophobia, food and sex addiction. In addition, the comedian called himself old drug addict, a Satanist overweight and cruel tyrant. In conclusion, post Garik noted that these qualities are not the reason for the divorce, in fact, the root of evil lies in the Shopaholic.

Kharlamov decided to support in the comments of a number of artists. Igor Krutoy wrote to the comedian did not respond to haters, because his reputation would not suffer. Gosha Kutsenko decided to joke and said that from any situation there is a way, proposing to marry him.

Recall, the divorce with Kharlamov Asmus it became known on 22 June. The comedian and actress announced the decision on his page in Instagram. What exactly was the reason for the divorce, is not explained.