Greek human rights activists are ignoring the complaints of the Russian winnik

Greek lawyer, Russian Alexander winnick Zoe Konstantopoulou said that the complaint of the Russian citizen, who is on July 2017 in prison in Greece, the local branch of the international human rights organization Amnesty International ignored.

According to the lawyer, numerous reminder phone calls to the head of the Greek branch of Amnesty International the Gabriel Sakellaridis gave no results.

currently, the lawyers of Vinnik filed a complaint with the Commissioner for human rights, which hears cases related to illegal deductions, reports TASS.

speaker of the Parliament reminded that a Russian citizen for 30 months in a Greek prison in violation of local law, without charges and without a hearing of his case in court.

At a press conference, she spoke about the fact that a strong psychological pressure on her client. In addition, winnick can’t see a doctor for the Russian Embassy, put severe restrictions on phone calls. According to her, contain the Russians with armed guards with masks on their face, “though it contains the most dangerous criminal”.

Konstantopoulou stressed that the Greek authorities are doing everything to ensure that winnick did not see their minor children and spouse, which was diagnosed with cancer.

information technology Specialist Vinnik were arrested in July 2017 during a holiday in Greece at the request of the U.S., where he is accused of laundering from 4 to 9 billion dollars through the now defunct online bitcoin exchange VTS-E.