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“Green” breakthrough: the important environmental amendment to the Constitution


environmental Issues come to the highest level. New amendment — it is not just a Declaration of intent, and the specific items in the Constitution that protect the rights of Russians in a favorable and comfortable environment.

the Changes that are made in the 114-th article of the basic law, expand the responsibilities of the Cabinet of Ministers. The new amendments oblige the government to take steps to preserve natural resources and biological diversity of Russia, to reduce the negative impact on the environment. Thus, any actions against the nature, be unconstitutional.

“114 article now clearly prescribes the responsibility of the government of the Russian Federation for environmental well-being. And, prescribed so that the government should adopt a comprehensive set of measures that qualitatively we lived in a more prosperous environment”, — said Rashid Ismailov, Chairman of the Russian ecological society.

And that’s the key point — “green” amendments to form a new institution of responsibility. Experts believe that their adoption will be an important impetus for the modernisation of the entire legislation.

Every citizen will have the tool to influence the authorities and will be able to demand, including through the courts, protection of their rights in the field of ecology simply referring to the Constitution.

“It concerns clean air, clean water, and problems associated with waste. Why basic principles are important? Because then they are developing in the legislation of a lower level. It’s a Federal law, it’s regulations. Further, regional policy, regional legislation, that will regulate the implementation of the policy. The chain of responsibility appears,” — said Rashid Ismailov.

Experts believe that the amendments will make the industrial development of Russia more responsible from an environmental point of view.

environmental Pollution enterprises, illegal logging, creation of unauthorized dumps would have far more serious consequences for violators.

Another important point of the amendment is a responsible treatment of animals. Discussions on this topic have not subsided in the society, and now these standards will be enshrined in the legal form of the Supreme constitutional power.

“We 1 Jul vote not only for “green” amendments, we vote for an ecological dominant in the politics of our country, we vote for a “green” strategy of development of our state. And perhaps that’s why the environmental issues today, some of the major discussion of the amendments, along with the social block of the amendments, along with the territorial integrity of our state. Environmental issues have risen in line with these basic problems. And that’s good,” said Vladimir burmatov, a State Duma Deputy of the Russian Federation.

the Constitution defines the General principle of our life and helps to choose the primary principles. The green amendments will help to raise the environmental discipline in the society, starting with the basic things — do not litter on the street, not to throw cigarette butts in the forest, no campfires, knowing that it can lead to massive fires to recycle the same batteries for years polluting the earth with heavy metals.

And it is obvious that environmental amendments create a constitutional basis for such changes in society.

Text: Meteotest