Grumpy shook off the disabled worker with a 10-meter ladder

In the Peru Lima pensioner in a wheelchair was deliberately dropped from a 10-metre ladder of a painter who allegedly interfered with him to ride on the road, according to RPP News. The incident hit the lens of the camera.

Described the event occurred on 26 December in the Metropolitan area of San Martin de Porres. The footage shows how 14:35 local time, the woman helped the elderly man to pass under a rope where a ladder was attached to the wall. According to eyewitnesses, after that the pensioner made a scene, and his companion chose to retire than be berated.

He disabled two minutes later returned to the scene and, as evidenced by the entry, began to rock the ladder. Desired he achieved quite quickly — the 46-year-old Fernandez Sanchez, painting a building wall fell to the ground from a height of about 10 meters. Old Peruvian and is not thought to escape, and was proven right barely risen to his feet for a painter.

a Little later the victim went to the hospital, but doctors did not discover his serious injury. However, he wrote a statement to the police, but then it turned out that the pensioner was gone, despite the fact that most of the locals daily watched as he sells bags on the street. His name remains a mystery, we only know that he once threatened violence plagued him boys, and generally behaved very aggressively.