Guardiola’s Firm Response about a Possible Return to Barça: “Door Closed, We are Older Now”

The Catalan coach of Manchester City, Pep Guardiola, attended the Legends Trophy golf tournament on Monday at the Empordà Golf Club, which is exclusively played by former footballers and sponsored by Guardiola himself. He answered several questions from the media present, including one about a potential return to Barça in the future. Guardiola was asked if the door to Barça was closed for him, to which he responded unequivocally, “Yes, it is closed. We are older now.” This decisive statement from the former Barcelona coach hints that this might be his last season in Manchester before embarking on a new adventure. Guardiola also mentioned that neither Barça nor any other club has contacted him about Bernardo.

Guardiola also addressed the comparisons between him and Xavi Hernandez in terms of playing style and whether this has affected Xavi negatively. Guardiola stated, “It’s not my fault. I’ve been away from Barcelona for 14 years and I’m not suspicious of anything in this regard.” When asked about the comparisons with Xavi, Guardiola firmly replied, “Ask yourselves who make those comparisons. I haven’t made any.”

Regarding Hansi Flick, Guardiola advised patience and support for the new coach, emphasizing the need for him to adapt to the players’ style. He wished Flick the best for his tenure with the team.

In terms of player transfers, Guardiola mentioned Bernardo Silva, stating that there have been no inquiries from Barça or any other club about the Portuguese midfielder. He expressed his desire for Silva to stay at Manchester City, describing him as a wonderful player. Guardiola also touched upon the situation with Joao Cancelo, a player Barcelona is interested in but currently belongs to Manchester City. Guardiola mentioned that both clubs will discuss the matter, and if an agreement is not reached, Cancelo will have to return for pre-season. If Cancelo wishes to stay in Barcelona and both clubs agree, a deal could be made.

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