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“Gucci’s a priest,” explained the love branded things


the Priest from Tver Vyacheslav Baskakov became famous for his love of expensive things, released under the names of luxury brands. Many were surprised by how the priest can be money for such luxury accessories. However, Baskakov does not see anything shameful in her wardrobe, because the stuff he bought on credit.

the Priest told him where he got addicted to luxury brands. According to him, he studied the history of the Russian Orthodox Church and drew attention to how he dressed the clergy in the 18th and 19th centuries. Vyacheslav Baskakov, shared in conversation with a “360” that he was drawn to this style because he tries to escort a black cassock with a variety of branded accessories.

for Example, recently a priest noticed in Moscow. He was wearing a scarf and a bag from Louis Vuitton. The priest explained that branded items takes credit, this is not a one-time purchase.

Vyacheslav Baskakov admitted that he compares himself to a literary character Hercule Poirot, who was always dressed to the nines. According to the priest, he also carefully watching their image, because clothing largely organizes life.

Vyacheslav’t understand those who criticize him. “What they need a priest?”, asked Baskakov, making reference to chiyomaru Sergius, who allegedly cursing and beating their feet. The priest said that he considered himself a simple priest.

Baskakov was in the spotlight in 2017, when published online the with shoes of Gucci. Many lashed out at the cleric. Baskakov, drew attention to the fact that he had purchased the shoes because of its similarity with the model worn by the priests in the 18th century. By the way, the Tver priest even got reprimanded for your addiction to good things.