Haircut plus virus: infected by the designer from Sochi continues private reception afflicted beauty

“Waiting for 16 hours”. And then — the address, with detailed instructions on how to get to the apartment. A screenshot of the correspondence in the messenger, which was led by the Moscow stylist and makeup artist Irina Subbotina. One of the main antiheroine coronavirus today’s chronicle.

Here, however, is not without history. Prior to the pandemic worked, as a rule, on exit: that is, suggest to everyone the beauty of their home. Well, when the capital declared a self-imposed isolation, I decided to at least partially retain the earnings. And started inviting people to himself by appointment in the same messengers.

so-So idea — given social distance, the throughput of the system and other things. But that’s okay. The most interesting — and at the same time, without exaggeration, wild — that recently she Subbotina passed test positive for COVID-19.

And absolutely no action is taken. That is, being a carrier of deadly infections, he continued to serve the customers as if nothing had happened.

Stylist at home, with a surprise, which is better, the client does not know. A caveat, as the coronavirus, hardly need to interfere with the business in the apartment. It turned out that services Irina Subbotina in demand, and get on the cut and style is not so easy.

In conversation, my colleague mentioned that she was a journalist and asked a few clarifying questions. According to stylist Irina Subbotina — she’s already moved coronavirus. And is now in quarantine. Moreover, she does not hide that it is still the doctors come in and take tests. Just to confirm that she was healed – no. But there is a belief, that’s not so bad.

“Help me yet no. And it’s not as terrible disease for those who understand what it’s about. And you know that escape is useless? All have been ill. And better now to recover. Who is destined, he will die. Yes,” — said Irina Subbotina stylist.

So the stylist ordered that only fate will put everything tpoints. But hardly will agree with the doctors. Working in several shifts, not sparing his strength and health, and who have repeatedly called that they work for us. And at the same time – for us – were asked to stay home. Someone realized that in their own way – sitting at home, but invite.

the Stylist felt the media interest and abruptly changed the rhetoric. Like, no one takes a long time, and one girl asked only out of interest. Other makeup artists and hairdressers think that because of such cases, when customers are exposed to – distant the day when you open the salons.

law Enforcement agencies have started investigation on the incident. And don’t forget that if someone offers the clients get sick, then the conversation will be very serious.

“a violation of the law, including criminal prosecution. Up to imprisonment for 7 years. If the patient will die, which, for example contracted, there is need to identify how many victims of people, so to say, from this salon, this stylist”, — explained Maksim Surov, the lawyer.

user Comment: “Cute girls if you don’t want to get sick with coronavirus, don’t go to her!! She has to be in quarantine.”

Apparently, the salon at home does not stop, the girl on Instagram all also vehemently urged to create a modern and cute way to highlight the appearance. Her followers in the comments urged not to go to her. But it’s so convenient when you can just remove the post and all the comments. If nothing had happened. But the Internet remembers everything.