Half of Russians are ready to a pay cut for the job

Half of Russians are ready to go to reduce wages in employment, found out research center portal Superjob.ru.

About 16% of them agree on the reduction of salary expectations by 5%, another 23% ready to 10% less than planned and 4% of respondents agree to a pay cut of 15% and 20%. And 2% of Russians are ready to reduce wages by 25% for employment.

the average for employment the Russians agreed to reduce expected revenue by 10%. Men are willing to give a salary to 10.9% for the sake of work, women — 9%.

the people of Russia with a large salary (from 80 thousand in a month) is easier to agree to lower salary expectations and are willing to 10.6% less for the sake of work.

Of the respondents are unemployed it is easier to agree to a lower salary — 52% vs. 43% among job seekers do so without resigning from the previous one. The average unemployed person is ready to receive the salary by 10.5% less work. And with a job willing to lose only 9.4% of their salary.

According to the labor Ministry, from late March to early July, Russia officially lost his job 3 million 718 thousand citizens, and employed 3 million 36 thousand citizens. “Now employ almost 300 thousand people a week,” said Minister of labor and social protection of Russia Anton Kotkov at the meeting.

the Russian Government will direct more than 4 billion rubles for the creation of temporary jobs. This money will receive regions for a partial reimbursement for the salaries of employees. It is planned to increase jobs in construction, agriculture, transportation, housing, social services for the care of the elderly. In companies where employees transferred to part-time employment are encouraged to arrange for additional temporary work. These measures will help to temporarily employ more than 80 thousand people.