If you want to learn through this article, then like this please: best if you leave your car on Halloween. Or, if your child needs to terrorize the neighborhood in search of candy, not to drag him at least the black-and-brown witch costume, for the hat always in your face. Instead, a Ghost costume made of white cloth or something Light would be appropriate, including a flashlight. Because children have to cross in their search for Sweet often roads, you are at risk on this day especially, to be hit by a car. What sounds logical, has now been assigned to a study (JAMA Pediatrics: Staples et al., 2018).

In the past few years, Halloween has also become popular in Germany. The custom originated in Ireland. So, the Celts celebrated in pre-Christian times on the 31. October, with Samhain, the harvest, the beginning of the cold Season and the Start of a new calendar year. In the 19th century. Century Irish immigrants carried the tradition to America, where he has developed through the years to a costume party of the masses.

In the current study, the author and the authors of now, how many pedestrians in the United States in the past 42 years, around the Halloweentag in car accidents died. In the data for the US highway administration in which they compared the deaths of 31. October with those from the 24. October and 07. November, so the days are a week before and after Halloween. The result: On Halloween, 608 pedestrian died at the age of 42, the two control 851, per day of inspection days average of only 425 people.

the authors urge improved road safety

A closer look at the data showed two other things: 18.00 – Trick-or-Treat-wedding – was the difference the greatest. And children between four and eight years, it met on Halloween, even ten times more common than in the Rest of the year.

“resulted in An average Halloween in four additional deaths,” reads the study. This may read like a macabre joke, but it shows one thing: The traffic safety could be better. There is a need for more traffic controls, more Zebra crossings, and more pedestrian trails, the researchers write. Measured by the more than 7,000 pedestrians die in the US per year in car accidents, and 3,200 road deaths in Germany, is this a useful hint. For Halloween and the Rest of the year.