Hand-robot: in Bashkiria the girl learned to live with a mechanical limb

Modern mechanical prostheses have become available to residents of the Republic. Domestic development can be provided at the expense of the social insurance Fund. Such dentures are much cheaper than imported counterparts, and they allow the wearer to lead a normal life. To the robotic arm gets used and the inhabitant of Sterlitamak. Details in the article Sultan Ziganova.

She was gripping the mechanical hand a bottle of lipstick. Today Natalia Rybakova does not even notice that the place of live limbs she now is an active prosthesis.

Also sure, as Natalia is controlled by his new arm, she is preparing for the first shoot. Disability she does not perceive as a disadvantage. On the contrary – a 19-year-old girl considers it a feature.

But a year ago, prior to the installation of a mechanical prosthesis, she could not feel at ease in front of the camera. After all, Natalia has been disabled from birth. Said that the lack of the right hand always frightened peers.

to be independent and not one could depend she finally decided on the prosthetics. On registration of all necessary papers and obtaining certificates took about six months. But it was worth it, she says. Even the people looked at her differently.

the Mechanism of the prosthesis is simple – the fist is compressed and decompressed by the movement of the elbow. In addition, the so-called “hand robot” looks unusual. Custom Natalie even made a pattern of soaring birds. It is a symbol of freedom, she says. Freedom from complexes and fears. And all this thanks to advances in science, which the girl seriously interested in while visiting the library of the city of Sterlitamak.

Gulnara bakhtiyarova, head of modeling library-branch №2 of the city of Sterlitamak says: “Our library is a unique center of science… we are working closely with people with disabilities”.

With the development of technology.gies, mechanical prostheses are available for people. New home development in Bashkortostan there were already 20 people. But in the future Natalie wants to install a bionic arm. It is much more expensive – more than a million rubles, but the opportunities it has much more.

Text: GTRK “Bashkortostan”