Have performed same functions found a cure for weight loss: it can cause hallucinations

Became aware of the details of the tragedy that happened with model Ksenia performed same functions. Investigators found personal belongings of the girl potent drug that aims to fight obesity.

currently, as reported by RIA Novosti, Kseniya performed same functions is still in intensive care. It can visit the day only one person from among the relatives.

Earlier it was reported that early in the morning, 11 January, the model found in Trekhprudny lane under the Windows of the house, which is home to the grandson of Nikita Mikhalkov, Andrei Tanks. The performed same functions were without clothing and shoes. She suffered multiple fractures of legs, pelvis, and severe head trauma.

according to “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, Ksenia rested together with Bakov and friend Mary at the party. About three o’clock in the morning they went home to the young man. He Tanks, he said, went to bed, Mary went, and performed same functions remained in him.

at 11 In the morning the young man woke up. Centerfolds in this moment was not at home, the apartment was left of her outerwear, shoes and mobile phone. The front door was locked. Tanks saw that in one of the rooms had the window open. Aggrieved by that time was already in the hospital. Andrew says that during sleep, didn’t hear any noises, screams and other suspicious sounds.

Police found the personal belongings of the performed same functions potent medical drug, anorectic drug. It is aimed at strengthening the sense of satiety. It is often used representatives of the fashion business. The drug has a number of side effects, including the emergence of hallucinations. Taking this drug, people can make uncontrolled actions that bear the risk to his life. Investigators do not rule out the possibility that the drug could cause the fall of the girl from the window.

Colleagues of Ksenia performed same functions said that she didn’t do drugs and was always a responsible attitude to work. On 14 January she was scheduled seMKI in Paris.