Kick-off at 9:00 p.m. This Thursday, May 2, the first major political meeting of the European elections is taking place with the debate organized between Jordan Bardella and Valérie Hayer, broadcast at 9:00 p.m. on the BFMTV channel.

To better understand the ins and outs of this first meeting between the two candidates, the Planet editorial staff invites you to take stock of the major issues, for the candidates and their parties and, more generally, for these elections (see the slideshow below).

And these issues turn out to be very different for the two opponents themselves. Most of the political commentators who have already spoken about this face-to-face meeting point out the imbalance between the two candidates. On BFMTV, which will host this duel, editorialist Matthieu Croissandeau details the forces involved: “we have the new star, the ‘new kid’ of politics”, who faces a Valérie Hayer “unknown to the French. ” Same observation in an AFP dispatch distributed by

It must be said that with nearly a third of voting intentions according to the latest polls, the 28-year-old RN candidate stands out from his rivals. Opposite, Valérie Hayer, credited with around 17% of voting intentions, and long remained in the shadow of the government – to the point that the Bardella camp had called for a debate with Gabriel Attal – is overtaken on the left by Raphaël Glucksman. The PS-Place Public candidate would obtain 23% of voting intentions according to an Odoxa-Mascaret poll for Public-Sénat and the regional press, reports the Télégramme.

The day before the debate, during a meeting in Perpignan, the RN candidate expressed his intentions regarding the “tone” of this meeting with Valérie Hayer: “Let’s talk about the destiny of France (…) without caricature, without attack below the belt”. While waiting to check whether the quality of the exchanges will prove him right, here are the main issues in this debate.