He got mad, got drunk: wife of Ephraim commented on the tragic accident

the Wife of the actor Mikhail Efremov commented on the tragic accident that occurred on June 8 near Smolensk square. According to Sophia Kruglikova, she does not know where her husband was driving in a drunken state.

the Wife of the artist said that in the period of self-isolation had little contact with Ephraim. Kruglikova said that her husband is now a difficult period, as last summer he buried the mother and then very worried because of the death of Galina Volchek. The woman shared that Mikhail Efremov “really losing it”, and drank. To stop it was almost impossible.

Sofya Kruglikova said that their house is near Smolensk square, in Plotnikov pereulok. According to her, Efremov left out, but where he was going, the wife doesn’t know. The wife of the artist said that her husband often drank with “some men” familiar to the bath, which for some reason she is afraid. “I for children is scary, I’m in this company not a Walker,” he told Sophia. According to Kruglikova, Efremov even traveled with these friends in Greece, on mount Athos and told that “women don’t belong there,” according to “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

the artist’s Wife said that as soon as I heard about the incident, wanted to go to the scene, but was stopped. Sophia Kruglikova said that was the last time you see your husband last week. Efremov was at home, read some plays, but his condition was not the best. The last two or three days the woman did not hear calls from their spouse.

In a fatal accident Efremov has left on an oncoming lane, crashing into another car. The victim received serious injuries, which he died in the hospital. Against the actor opened a criminal case. He faces a prison sentence.