In Saint-Petersburg on the 42nd year of life died surgeon Andrey Pavlenko. After March 2018, he was diagnosed with cancer, he continued to operate and advise patients. And also started a video blog in which publicly talked about his struggle with the disease. January 1, Andrey Pavlenko said that the cancer could not win.

the Latest videos Andrey Pavlenko — the gratitude to those who have followed the history of his illness, wrote the doctor, tried to maintain.

“Dear friends. If you’re watching this video means I already died. But I would like to thank each and every person that was with me and passed this the hard way.”

the fate of an oncologist whose medical examinations unrelated to cancer, accidentally discovered stomach cancer in the third stage, watched by tens of thousands of people across the country. Pavlenko started a blog. Calmly and methodically, day after day, all one and a half years before his death talked about how he is treated, at what stage of the disease.

“this year he did more than many for decades. And in his main work (he continued to operate), and in terms of information. And there was no tragedy, drama. He is very bright looked at things,” says the Trustee of “Foundation for cancer prevention” Alexander Tsypkin.

This quote on his page in Facebook, according to colleagues of the doctor, reflects not just the character but the philosophy Andrey Pavlenko. “Statistics is a stubborn thing, and you have ever since my diagnosis there’s a chance for a cure! Just believe it. I’m just not lucky,” says the doctor. And puts parenthesis smile. Not mournful. Addressed, probably, those who will recover.

“the Man simply banal, physically no luck. He had a rare kind of tumor of the stomach, histologically rare variety of the cellular structure, which has proved to be unresponsive to chemotherapy and which had deep roots in different places. Therefore, the treatment failed timeoutEmim success. Pavlenko himself had treated other people of the same thing. And not only him. In most cases, treatment would have been much more successful,” — says the incident oncologist, phytotherapeutist Vladimir Filimonov.

In her video, the doctor talks: he and his friends came up with a grant named Andrei Pavlenko, which will Fund media projects, bringing “truthful information about cancer”. It is his word.

“He died… But for us, it can be said, a triumph of the spirit. Because he was a very strong man. This is a very tough profession. It requires dedication, deep knowledge of the spirit. And it was at Pavlenko,” — said the oncologist Andrey Odinets.

Andrey Pavlenko continued to work in the clinic even after surgical removal of the stomach. Passed eight courses of chemotherapy, underwent a difficult rehabilitation. Last vacation spent with family. And continued with your blog — as a doctor and as a patient. Without despair, even when he realized that his case is fatal. And so left hope to others.