It all started on social networks, when a man, Bastien Gaston, a professional cook, revealed a cooking recipe from his great-grandmother, dating from October 30, 1934. There we find the recipe for a garbure, as well as the ingredients needed to make bread pudding. A moment from the past that the cook wanted to share with his community.

In his Facebook publication, already shared several dozen times, Bastien Gaston was entitled to some warm feedback to say the least: “priceless relic”, “What beautiful writing! I don’t know if you found a whole recipe book, but it’s a family treasure” “Superb, it makes you want to try”.

To which the main person responded, with great optimism: “I had lots of nice comments. It’s awesome !” can we read in an article from France 3 Occitanie. For the recipe shared, it is a garbure. This consists of beans, cabbage, leeks, potatoes, turnips, but also a piece of bacon and a grain of garlic. Words written with great care, on a sheet still well preserved for its age, 90 years.

His great-grandmother, whom he never saw during her lifetime, “worked in a school, and wrote her recipes in a notebook”, tells us Bastien Gaston, with whom Planet spoke. “My mother and I didn’t have the chance to know her, but she loved writing her recipes, there are plenty of others written, like that of cassoulet” he confides to us. The love for cooking also seems innate in Bastien’s family, who shares his future projects with us.

This young, active thirty-something, originally from Carcassonne and a chef by trade, moved to Ariège and is currently working as a culinary content creator on social networks. Its mission: to highlight the culinary products of the clients with whom they work. In the longer term, he wants to develop his business by opening his own website.