Head nits Gamalei Russian vaccine will protect from COVID-19 more than two years

Chapter SIC name Gamalei Alexander Ginzburg said that the vaccine created a research center in cooperation with the Ministry of defense, will protect people from the coronavirus COVID-19 more than two years.

the Vaccine will be administered to a human twice, reports RIA Novosti. The point is that the same gene are introduced on different carriers, and thus formed protective immunity for a longer period. This so-called booster, that is a stronger version of the vaccine. Its effectiveness in the long term proved during operation of NIC and the Ministry of defense in the African Guinea, where he carried out the vaccination against the Ebola virus.

For mass vaccination of Russians from the coronavirus will need to 70 million doses of the drug, said Ginzburg. Production of this scale is already established forces of government and health organizations. By the end of July will be completed testing the vaccine on volunteers.