Headache: when to wait and when to run to the doctor

There are several hundred varieties of headache, but in every case you need to go to the doctor and be examined. The questions on headache in the broadcast channel “Russia 1” said the doctor Alexander Myasnikov.

According to the expert, the head can hurt at all, and in some cases, this unpleasant condition have to endure. More often – in 80 percent of cases – found tension-type headache. It is similar to a compressive head wrap. Such pain occurs, for example, if you long to sit with his head looking down at a phone screen. It can be removed with the help of pain medication, scalp massage will help walk in the fresh air or light gymnastics.

Cause such pain, by the way, can be a malocclusion, or problems with the jaw joint.

Another thing – the migraines when they’re sick half of the head, the head is literally pounding. The pain linked with the condition of the vessels and, if you leave it unattended, may result in violation of brain blood circulation, so that in the case of migraine you need to see a doctor.

a Paradoxical situation: to provoke headache may receive pain medication.

“If unchecked you are taking medication, on average, one tablet a day, for example, 15 pills in a month, pills can provoke headache. They jammed the receptors, and the receptors still want to “hear” what is happening, they are reconfigured, explained butcher. – They get stuck in the “on” position, they even normal stimuli are perceived as painful, and starts nagging you since tablets can’t get down”.

In such cases, patients cancel painkillers and prescribed an antidepressant first generation – amitriptyline. It helps to “turn off” receptors and “get off” with painkillers.

In any case, you need to seek help?

“going to the doctor is necessary when a new-onset headache, especially if itand there was the child up to 5 years or in an adult after 50,” said butchers. An alarming symptom is pain that occurs when you change the position of the head, when coughing and pain, which is accompanied by neurological symptoms, when, for example, numb arm or down the corner of his mouth.

In these cases for diagnostic use of magnetic resonance or computed tomography (MRI or CT). But we should not abuse these procedures: for those who suffer from tension headaches, they are often useless.

Earlier, doctor-physiotherapist Sergey Agapkin and chief non-staff specialist-neurologist Minzrav Moscow region Rinat Bogdanov told about the reasons of migraine. According to them, it often happens that migraine is genetically determined disease, but it also may result in strain, stress and hormonal changes.