Head's going to explode, but these unexpected causes of migraine

the TV channel “Russia 1” the main non-staff specialist-neurologist Minzrav Moscow region, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Rinat Bogdanov and the doctor-physiotherapist, a specialist in traditional systems of healing and TV presenter Sergey Agapkin said the TV viewer, who complained to the strongest migraine attacks.

They said that it can cause, and how to escape when there is a feeling that “about to explode the brain.”

Bogdanov notes that the vast majority of headaches arise from tension and only about 12-13 percent of a migraine.

Dr. Agapkin explains that it refers to the headaches of vascular type, associated with abnormal enlargement of the blood vessels.

this is Often genetically determined disease.

However, there are other factors that can cause a migraine. This, in particular, certain smells and even the products that provoke the nerve of the Trinity.

for Example, it may be ice cream.

In some cases incorrectly selected glasses may cause increased strain and provoke headaches, said Dr. Agapkin.

Other possible factors – fatigue, stress, and disturbance regime.

“Even is such a thing – a migraine of the day when people during the week, actively working, and decided to sleep in on weekends and waking up late with a migraine attack,” notes Dr. Bogdanov.

Another cause of migraine in women may be hormonal changes.

Usually in the menopause, the migraine attacks become milder or even pass, doctors say.

Suffering from this disease, they comfort the fact that for the treatment of migraines, there are special drugs to take which do not need to constantly – enough to wear them constantly with you and take as needed when you begin the attack.