Health care of the Crimea and the export of hydrocarbons: comments Dmitry Kozak

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak at the meeting, which was held by President Vladimir Putin on Friday, January 10, commented on the situation around the health of the Crimea and the export of hydrocarbons.

According to the statesman, in the Crimea, all health facilities up to 2022 will be aligned to 100 percent the Federal medical standards of Russia. Kozak noted that improving the quality of primary care and service is the most sensitive issue for the residents of the Peninsula. The Vice-Premier said that at present, there are all the necessary resources for repair and reconstruction of buildings and structures, which were built at a time when the Crimea was part of Ukraine. Kozak stressed that much decayed and hopelessly out of date.

the Politician also commented on the situation around gas transit. According to him, the signs of desire “Naftogaz of Ukraine” to violate the agreements no. Vice Prime Minister stressed that he hoped the contracts that were concluded, reports TASS.

Kozak commented on the intention of the Ukrainian side again to file a lawsuit against Russia to the Hague court. The statesman noted that the first time I hear about such. In his opinion, this is the old claims associated with the property of “Naftogaz”, located on the territory of Crimea.

Deputy Prime Minister also explained the prospects of agreements on the withdrawal of mutual claims on the transit of Russian gas through Ukrainian territory, which were concluded in December 2019. According to the politician, Moscow proceeds from the fact that all of them will be fulfilled. These agreements are important to both sides. On them depends not only the economic position of “Gazprom” and “Naftogaz of Ukraine”. Vice Prime Minister noted that the parties had reached a proper compromise, and prudence prevailed.

Dmitry Kozak also commented on the gas agreements between Russia and BelorusSion. According to him, the government cannot intervene in the issue of agreement between Russian and Belarusian companies.

Deputy Prime Minister noted that the characteristics of the oil industry are that it operates fully on market terms. According to him, oil prices are not regulated, and the premium which Belarusians offer to cancel will require a radical restructuring of the principles of functioning of the Russian industry. Dmitry Kozak stressed that if agreements between companies are achieved, the government will welcome it, reports “Interfax”.

Meanwhile, Latvia is ready to consider the transit of oil supplies to Belarus in the cases if they cease from Russia. With the corresponding statement was made by the foreign Minister of Latvia Edgars Rinkevics.

in addition, it became known that in Belarus discovered three new oil deposits. The discovery was made by the company “Belorusneft”, reports RIA Novosti According to preliminary estimates, geological reserves of about 800 thousand tons.

Earlier the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the difficulties in the talks with Russia on oil are related to its high cost.