Heat and PPE: the opinion of the leading researcher of the center Gamalei

in Summer, the risk of infection by coronavirus is reduced, because the higher the outdoor temperature, the less the virus lives on surfaces, said leading researcher of the Federal scientific-research centre of epidemiology and Microbiology named Gamalei, Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, candidate of medical Sciences, Lyudmila Alimbarova.

She said that reducing the probability of infection by contact-household: door handles, railings, handrails. In winter, the coronavirus can be active on surfaces for up to three days in the summer, its activity reduced to a few hours, the scientist noted.

“Even when the sick person in warm time of the year speaks or coughs, the virus particles dry faster and the risk of infection is significantly reduced,” said Alimbarova, interview which is posted on the official website of the Ministry of health.

However, she continued, the possibility of infection still remains, so you should continue to use protection, including wearing masks in public places.