Heat wave returns to Moscow

In early July in Moscow and the Moscow region will return abnormally hot weather.

According to meteorologist, July 1 in the capital is expected to 24-26 degrees Celsius in the region the air warms up to 27 degrees. Due to the movement of the atmospheric front may be a slight local rains and wind up to 15 meters a second.

on 2 July, the day temperature will reach 28 degrees, and on 3 July the thermometer in the capital will rise to 27-29 degrees, and the region and up to 30 degrees Celsius. July 4-5 predicted intermittent rain and strong South-West wind, the day will be from 23 to 28 degrees.

Scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center Roman Vilfand also reminded about the dangers of UV radiation these days. In the European territory of Russia UV index will be quite dangerous 6-8 units.

“This means that in the afternoon should be at home, and if you go, then be wary. Shirt with long sleeves, hats, sunscreen,” he advised him.