Heat waves: Moscow watered every three hours

Dry weather and partly cloudy weather is expected in Moscow on Tuesday, 9 June. The temperature will rise to anomalous values up to 29 degrees.

As reported in Facebook, the leading specialist of the Center weather PHOBOS Eugene Tiscover, weather in the capital region and to decide the Western wing of the anticyclone. This means variable clouds, mainly without precipitation.

“In Moscow, the air warms up 27-29 degrees, and in Moscow from 25 to 30,” said Tiscover. According to him, this temperature is 6-7 degrees above the climatic norm. Atmospheric pressure will change a little and will amount to 753 mm Hg.

Meanwhile, the heat in Moscow fighting utilities: they are in cyclic mode every three hours watering the roads and carry out aeration. This allows not only to wash the road, but also to cool the road surface, explained in a press-service of the Deputy mayor of Moscow Pyotr Biryukov. In addition, watering equipment directs a jet of water in the air, hot from the asphalt.

“prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and high traffic load, asphalt is more susceptible to plastic deformation. With regular irrigation the level of deformation can be substantially reduced” – quoted Biryukova TASS.

Earlier it was reported that the weather will return to normal values closer to the weekend. On Friday, June 12, the expected passage of a cold atmospheric front, which will be accompanied by fleeting showers and thunderstorms. This will lower the temperature. By the weekend, night temperatures will be 10-15 degrees, and the day – 19-24.