Heat waves to extreme rainfall change. What will be the summer?

heat waves here will cover the European part of Russia. Its residents have yearned for good weather, because almost all of may and first days of June, the region one after the other, tormented Arctic invasion, and the summer is generally started with a series of extreme weather events — extreme rainfall and hurricanes.

the Weather broke all records. In Moscow, this heavy rain was not past 70 years — the city was flooded many streets, the car floats on the road, the water from the roadway pumped out of the brigade of waterworks. Gusty winds knocked down dozens of trees, damaged 25 cars.

due to heavy precipitation in the center of the country began a rain flood. Flooded bridges, roads and hundreds of summer cottages. Near the ruble in the beds were the fish swimming. Residents of suburbs were forced to change from cars to boats.

Heavy rains this week covered Kaluga, Vladimir, Ryazan, Belgorod region. The Moscow river for a day has increased from 20 to 40 cm at different gauging stations. Klyazma on one of the posts has risen by almost a meter. In Tambov and Voronezh dropped large hail, and in the surroundings of Belgorod appeared the tornado. In the Tula region because of the heavy rain hit one of the regional roads.

In Stavropol was flooded upper floors of high-rise buildings. Residents with buckets, shovels and even trays to bail from their apartments.

on Wednesday Evening a hurricane of rain and hail fell on the North Caucasus. In Chechnya during the accident injuries of varying severity received more than 20 people. The storm knocked down dozens of trees, billboards, tore roofs of houses, damaged power lines and gas pipelines. The inhabitants of the Republic laid out in the social network’s shocking footage of violence of elements in the air flying trapezoidal sheet and the wreckage of the roof. People miraculously managed to avoid injury.

Rains in European Russia continued to the end of the week. The first days of June already included in the meteorological history as the rainiest, at least in the twenty-first century.

Moscow remains extremelye the value recorded by 2008, it exceeded two and a half times. For 150 years in the capital was observed only three times more powerful showers. Updated metastatistics in Voronezh. The absolute record – Ryazan: city in just 4 days resulted in almost complete June in moisture.

But now the weather trend has already changed. During atmospheric processes interfered with a powerful anticyclone over the Urals. This center pushed back in Europe cloud fields cyclonic eddies, so showers and thunderstorms in Russia will be local and of short duration. And South flows observed in the periphery of the hearth high pressure will be in the region of air masses from the Mediterranean and Arabia. The peak warming will be released in the coming days.

on Monday, a truly tropical heat will come in the southern regions – sometimes above 35. 25-degree heat will occur even in Karelia, Komi and Arkhangelsk region. In the center of Russia the temperature will get to around plus 30.

Although some days and presumed short thunderstorms, but they will not be able to cool the air. For example, in the capital after Saturday’s 25 plus the prevailing daytime temperature is 28-31 degrees plus, but this is the norm in Athens.

In the center of Russia in June, usually only 1-2 of such hot day, in an average year – 5. And a reasonable question: and whether there will be nature reserves of heat in the remaining months.

the best chances of abnormal heat in July and August. And the June weather is most often within or cooler climate.

by the Way, the gravedigger, if I may say so, the current warming of the cold front already moving across the continent of Europe, though very slowly. In the beginning of the new week it will make its way to Lithuania and Poland. And by the next Saturday could reach Central Russia.

Text: Meteotest