Are you retired and considering moving abroad? There is no shortage of destinations, but you still have to choose the right choice… Because it is very personal, and above all, not to be taken lightly.

A specialized site, has looked into the issue and for 10 years has been offering a top 10 countries in which to retire. This ranking reveals the best countries for enjoying the best retirement according to 12 specific criteria; among them: quality and cost of living, health, safety, climate, etc.

“The final score for each country is based on these criteria in a weighted manner,” explains Paul Delahoutre, head of the site. “The cost of living represents 20% of the final score, while the climate represents 15%, and 10% for medical care and safety.” This retiree, a “part-time nomad” as he describes himself, updates a guide every year to prepare for his retirement abroad.

For 10 years, it has therefore offered a ranking of the best countries to emigrate upon retirement. Its ranking is based on meetings organized with future retirees who reside abroad, 176 exactly for 2024. It is on the basis of all of their responses to an online survey that a score is then calculated for each country.

The choice of the 10 countries, for its part, is made from 20 countries in the world which a priori have cost of living and quality of life conditions likely to satisfy future retirees, details the manager of And 10 countries stood out.

From one year to the next, the places move in the ranking, discover, below, the top 10 best countries for retiring in 2024: