For many, Dyson’s innovative technology is the ultimate – Stiftung Warentest was also able to endorse this in February 2022 in its evaluation of the best cordless vacuum cleaners. However, the prices are not exactly cheap, which is why discounted Dyson products are in great demand, especially on Prime Day. Of course, the dealers are also aware of this, which is why they usually ensure that customers really strike with a good price reduction.

Not only Dyson has good vacuum cleaners on the market. For Amazon Prime Day, these vacuum cleaner deals are among the best bargains:

One of the most popular Dyson models is the V11 Torque Drive*. When buying through Amazon you can save 25.26 euros compared to the RRP. Also keep an eye on the V11 Animal* – the vacuum cleaner is currently available for EUR 769.90 instead of EUR 899.94.

Especially for pet owners, the V8 Fluffy * can be an asset in the household because it is specially designed to vacuum up pet hair. The vacuum cleaner, which otherwise costs almost 500 euros, is currently available on Amazon for 479.00 euros.

With the right accessories, you can adapt your vacuum cleaner to the conditions in your home and achieve even better results when cleaning your floors. The brushes in particular suffer from long-term use, which is why it is worth looking for spare parts, especially on Prime Day.

Dyson Musclehead nozzle CY22 Cinetic Big Ball*: for 33.80 instead of 42.90 euros – you save 21 percent.

Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner stick* for 18.67 instead of 20.75 euros – you save 10 percent.

At the shopping event, however, it is not only to be expected that Dyson products will be offered at a reduced price – other brands are also following suit and are offering good discounts. That’s why you should keep an eye on vacuum cleaners from Philips, Miele and Shark on Prime Day.

If you are considering a canister vacuum cleaner and value particularly good suction power, the AEG Vx9-2 eco vacuum cleaner* can be the right choice for just under 220 euros.

The Philips XC7041/01 SpeedPro Max* is also highly recommended. With a 360° suction nozzle, it is suitable for both hard and carpeted floors. The detachable hand-held vacuum cleaner, which can also be used to easily clean tables or shelves, is particularly practical. The Philips vacuum cleaner is available for Prime Day for EUR 285.00 instead of EUR 429.99.

Another attractive model is the Complete C3 Silence EcoLine vacuum cleaner* from Miele. With a power of 550 watts and a relatively low noise level, the device promises efficient and quiet vacuuming.

In addition, vacuum robots are also available on Amazon Prime Day at a reasonable price – pay particular attention to the new iRobot Roomba 971* in the premium segment, which is reduced by 8 percent.

You should not miss this offer in particular: The price of the Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T8* is reduced by 280 euros, saving you 40 percent on the purchase.

One thing is already certain: Prime Day 2022 will take place on July 12th and 13th. The starting shot will be fired on a Tuesday this year. Customers then have another 36-48 hours to find good offers and bargains.

In order to save properly, a little preparation makes sense: Check the current prices on price comparison sites such as (like WELT belongs to Axel Springer SE) so that you can discover good offers immediately later. And another tip: Don’t be fooled by the discount information provided by the suppliers – the percentages usually refer to the recommended retail price for a product. However, the current price for a product can vary greatly, especially for older devices.

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