Frustration is programmed at the entrance and in the stadium. In the first leg of the relegation between Hertha BSC and HSV, the Berliners take a very special measure on Thursday evening, which they explicitly point out: Stadium visitors wearing HSV jerseys are only allowed in the away block. Otherwise they won’t come in.

The Berliners are probably afraid of an away game. According to Hertha, at least 15,000 HSV fans are expected on Thursday evening (8.30 p.m. / Sky and Sat.1, live ticker Other estimates go as high as 30,000. Thanks to the additional grandstand above the marathon gate, more than 75,000 spectators can be there.

Hertha tweeted: “Caution: Outside the guest area (blocks G/H, I and 15-17) wearing fan clothing of the guest team is prohibited. In such cases, our security personnel will refuse access to the stadium or to the seats.” A corresponding note is also noted on the admission tickets.

A measure that is not unusual in the Bundesliga. Hertha has also used it in several city derbies against Union. An announcement via social media, on the other hand, is not the rule.

This was preceded by a ticket breakdown at the capital club. Hertha did not clearly communicate to its season ticket holders and members how they can exercise their right of first refusal and also allowed the tickets to be sold freely (including to HSV fans) from Monday afternoon – before many Hertha fans stocked up on tickets had.