Hillary Clinton became the honorary Chancellor of Queen's University in Belfast

Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of state and candidate for U.S. President, was the honorary rector of Queen’s University Belfast in the UK for a period of five years, according to the website of the institution. It will become the first woman to hold that post.

Vice-Rector of the educational institution Stephen Prenter said that Clinton made a “significant contribution” to Northern Ireland. In his opinion, it will become an excellent defender of the interests of the University and “inspiring role model” for the University community, reports RIA Novosti.

for his part, Clinton said that it is a great honor that appointment. Policies received from the University an honorary doctorate in October 2018.

Hillary Clinton, former US Secretary of state, was the Democratic candidate for the 2016 elections. She was considered the undisputed favorite. However, her opponent, Republican Donald trump unexpectedly won. In 2008, Clinton also tried to participate in the presidential race, but lost the democratic nomination to the future President Barack Obama.