His head feels light and fog:

an Urgent project had to be postponed. Submitted to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the presidential amendments to the Constitution, which was supposed to lead the country to the decentralization of power withdrawn, and the President himself. So Vladimir Zelensky has responded to criticism from Western embassies. There has performed for members of their work and in simple words explained to the President why his law is no good. That the leader of Ukraine need to explain everything as simply as possible, the citizens of the country today, 16 January, learned of the audio recordings of the conversation the Prime Minister with colleagues from government and the national Bank. Who did it is not yet known, but the scandal threatens to seriously undermine the reputation of the office.

In an attempt to avoid scandal and even in Parliament, the controversial law on decentralization, proposed by Zelensky, today withdrew — withdrew his own President, including after criticism from Western embassies. On the eve of the embassies of Germany, Sweden, Canada urged the Ukrainian authorities to hold further consultations on the subject. However, all the attention of Ukraine today was focused on a completely different topic.

Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk was involved in a serious scandal. A recording of his talk at the meeting of the Ukrainian government announced on the YouTube channel “How to fool the President.” Alexey Goncharuk, the head of the government and in fact the second person in the state. Is he the one who skated on his office on the scooter in the period of the appointment.

On the recordings that were released today, a man with a voice very similar to the voice Goncharuk admits that he, quote, “a complete ignoramus in the economy” and thinks of how to explain to his chief, i.e. the President Zelensky that the weaker the hryvnia is actually strong:

“We Zelensky has a very primitive understanding of economic processes. He needs to explain the following: at the beginning of the year, the population before the election, did not believe in gthe fault, because it is a factor of instability. Therefore, the national currency was weaker than it should be, well, I now fantasize. Then a new strong President blah-blah-blah”… the Level of trust unprecedented power. The hryvnia continues to strengthen.”

the Conversation was recorded in mid-December. Judging by the fact that Zelensky not make claims Goncharuk for a weak national currency, the argument of “blah-blah”, apparently, worked. He Goncharuk today recorded a video message in which you did not refute that on the record his voice. He hinted at enemies, which managed to amass his work.

the brightest of all in the incident, reacted today Yulia Tymoshenko, who once again appeared in Parliament in a new way, as if giving to understand that they are ready to change, yet the Prime Minister does not propose to her. She talked not only about Goncharuk, but also about the whole team Zelensky:

“Let them come back to your business, in your “Quarter 95” and do not poison the life of Ukraine. When the Prime Minister says he knows absolutely nothing about economic matters, and that during the crisis, ruin, economic collapse, financial collapse that Ukraine is experiencing today, it means that someone from the outside tells them what to do. This means that the country is emotionally based on the TV series “Servant of the people” unqualified bozos have given up my life.”

according to the published talks, the Prime Minister Goncharuk problems not only with the economy: “the President’s feeling that the situation is out of control. We don’t understand, we have no plans, and you have really no.”

“People are living worse and worse and don’t understand what the government is doing. The country is heading into an economic abyss. The fact that they are not professionals, it is already clear people and clear to the society. They need to retire, because every day of his stay in power exacerbates the economic crisis in the country. More and more people are leaving the country to look for a job on the side”, — commented the co-chair of the faction “the Opposition platform For life,” Yuriy Boyko”.

a Man who stood up for Goncharuk, unexpectedly, the former President Poroshenko. According to him, the Prime Minister need to help with the problems that were discussed on the record. “Absolutely non-Ukrainian forces are trying to fan pseudoscalar”, — said Poroshenko.

He Goncharuk had to explain to the deputies in the Parliament, but at the last moment he was called into the office to the President Zelensky.