Jaron Siewert returns to the Füchse Berlin coaching bench a good four weeks after suffering a minor stroke. When the Berliners play TVB Stuttgart (8.30 p.m., Sky) in the Max-Schmeling-Halle on Saturday, the 28-year-old will take care of the team. Already on Friday evening he should lead the final training again.

Siewert suffered a minor stroke on August 11th, which was due to a coagulation disorder, the club announced. Siewert then went to the Buch Clinic and the Leipzig University Clinic for detailed medical examinations. Now the doctors have given the green light to return.

A period of uncertainty ended for the Foxes coach. “First and foremost, I’m happy to be back after the long wait. And I am extremely grateful for the help of the foxes family. First and foremost Bob Hanning, who curbed my impatience. After the initial shock and coming to terms with it over the last few weeks, I feel 100 percent fit mentally and physically and am fully motivated to actively intervene,” said Siewert.

In the past few weeks, manager Hanning had stepped in as coach and had won the first two games of the season against Frisch Auf Göppingen and Wetzlar with his team.

“I’m overjoyed and glad that Jaron can continue his successful job with the foxes and that we’ll be able to celebrate successes together again. His health was the most important thing here. During the past few weeks, I took over the team in his spirit and in close consultation,” said the 54-year-old, who can now fully devote himself to coaching the second division club 1. VfL Potsdam.