Historians RVIA has put an end to the investigation of the origin of burial of the tract of Sandarmokh

They tried to hide the fact that the Finnish army, as the occupier, as well violated the customs of war on land. Historians reported about the RAID in Sandarmokh. The place where according to the version of accused of pedophilia Dmitriev — only victims of Stalin’s camps. Then where the remains of prisoners of war?

to Record a video with words about the alleged injustice and to publish it in social networks with the hashtag “Freedom to Yury Dmitriev”. The format of the so-called “marathon of solidarity”, launched by one of the Russian publications to support, in fact, Yuri Dmitriev. The head of the Karelian branch of a foreign agent “memorial”. The man accused of sexual abuse of a minor stepdaughter. And according to a certain part of the public — not only as a slandered victim of the repressive mechanisms.

Rhetoric is known and remains unchanged: say, Dmitriev did nothing illegal, and suffering and is about to go on trial “because 30 years is looking for places of mass executions in the North-West of Russia”. And, again, hindered the current government to hide a truth about “the crimes of the Stalinist regime”.

Although everyone has repeatedly been refuted by the authorities, and specifically the Russian Military-Historical Society. Which just today summed up the results of prospecting works on the territory of the country — among other things, in the Karelian Sandarmokh. And once again confirmed that real-concealing the truth — not interested in it.

within two years, the Russian Military-Historical Society together with the search engines performed in Sandarmokh research. Among the large sinkhole, evidence of a large number of graves of the period the 30-ies of XX century, experts found single and double grave, is not peculiar to the period of the red terror. Personal belongings of the dead, for example, button with five-pointed star from his tunic suggests the experts thinking that the lone captured Soviet soldiers during the great Patriotic war. Finns could use a firing range to conceal their war crimes, so did the historians. But disagree neither Mr. Dmitriev, nor his “memorial”.

“They tried to hide their crimes. They tried to hide the fact that the Finnish army, as the occupier, it also violated the customs of war on land. And it makes us to interpret these circumstances of the discovery of these graves, and the place itself makes you suspect the Finnish side,” — said the head of the Academic Department RVIA Yuri Nikiforov.

Sandarmokh. Horrible place in Karelia. Its in the 90s and found a historian Dmitriev. It documented that the tract in the 30-ies became a mass grave for 1111 people Solovetsky stage. According to archives discovered it was a secret firing range by the NKVD. After Sandarmokh it is in fact the place of worship for the victims of the red terror, and the “memorial” annually begins to ascribe the number of killed people here. However, when Petrozavodsk scientists put forward the theory that among the remains of victims of the 30’s, and may be prisoners of war camps of the period of the Finnish occupation, “memorial” raised a universal howl: because they say, the authorities want to minimize the number of victims of Stalinist repression.

“Here it is absolutely obvious that here were buried the victims of political repression, it and archival data and testimonies of witnesses, and nobody wants to downplay the number of victims of political repression. I believe that only a purposeful work on the ground can give in the hands of researchers with concrete facts that we can interpret and judge them definitely” — said the Minister of culture of the Republic of Karelia Alexey lesonen.

And this is a critical examination of the remains: in singles, it was discovered the body dressed people, in boots, or improvised galoshes, they were overcoat, tothen in the 30s people were shot practically naked. Well, the ballistic examination of the bullets that were killed discovered in the “single” — suggests that the remains, with a high degree of probability may belong to captured soldiers of the red Army.

“Most of the shells and cartridges made American ammunition for a revolver “Colt”. The Finnish army used this weapon during the Second world war, including on the territory of Karelia. Marking sleeve REM means the company “Remington”, — says Director of the Institute of history, political and social Sciences Petrozavodsk state University, doctor of historical Sciences Sergey Verigin.

And the last. Under the expert definition of the boundaries of the graves in Sandarmokh it became clear that their logic is completely broken. The single is almost directly adjacent to large sinkholes, we talked about this a little higher. But if the burial of victims of political repressions was carried out at a considerable depth, holes single burials often did not exceed one and a half meters. According to numerous examinations that were carried out within two years, it becomes clear: Sandarmokh was the site of several historical layers and terrible crimes that are tried carefully to hide the fact that in the 30-ies, 40-ies of the twentieth century.