Hockey. New year's Russian team win over Germany

the Youth national team of Russia on hockey defeated the team of Germany in the world Cup. The meeting ended with the score 6:1. The tournament for players under 20 years of age takes place in the Czech Republic. In four matches of the qualifying stage, our athletes won two victories that allowed the Russians to reach the quarterfinals.

If the Russian team wins the world Cup, then only scores six goals. Canada, the Russians defeated 6:0, the German team 6:1. During the first period, Russia dominated the team of Valery Bragin practically does not part with the washer as a result — take Kirill Marchenko, our team goes on break, taking a comfortable 2:0.

If at the beginning of the world championship the Russians were not the majority, in the match against the Germans, that is, burst. At the beginning of the second period at first Grigory Denisenko click on the blue line implements a delayed penalty and just a minute later Pavel Dorofeev punishes Germany with a throw in near corner.

Only when the account became devastating and it became clear that his team Bragin will not let go, the Russians earned the first removal. But even before the second break Pavel Dorofeev draws a double in gate of the rival. It seems today it does not matter who is against Germany or anyone else. To exit the group needed a win.

early In the third period, Russia already large account makes tennis. The sixth puck Dmytro Voronkov. Germany managed to win back one washer, but it could not influence neither the results nor the exit of Russians from the group.

Next match the Russian team at the youth world Championships in the new year.