Holders of Gagarin Cup from CSKA first came out in the playoffs

CSKA Moscow confirmed its status as the current holder of the Gagarin Cup and the first of the clubs of the Continental hockey League reached the playoffs this season. The army after the victory over the rivals from “Sochi” with the score 6:1 continue to lead in the Western conference.

the Home game against southerners became for CSKA seventh for 14 days and it seemed that the residents have a chance against the favourite with such a tight schedule. But the army gave no chance, although up to 40 minutes the suspense lasted. But after the goal Taldinskogo in the first period, the third goals were scored Slepyshev (two), Okulov (two) and Nesterov. “Sochi” washer on account of Altybakan.

CSKA with this victory came early in the playoffs of the KHL, scoring 74 points in 49 games. “Sochi” and “Severstal”, the loser on Thursday, “Spartacus” (1:2) remained at 46 points and they have not be able to catch up with the army, even with all the victories in the last matches. Holders of Gagarin Cup remain the main contenders for a win in the regular season.