Honest opinion or the distortion of history: the Jerusalem forum is forced to make a choice

Countries that are permanent members of the UN security Council next week will get a message with specifics about the idea of the first ever summit of the countries of nuclear “five”. It today, 24 January, promised in the Kremlin. The initiative to hold a meeting of leaders of States which bear a special responsibility for global stability, Vladimir Putin formulated in Israel in the forum in the memory of the Holocaust. It has publicly supported the Paris and Beijing. Today Putin’s speech in Jerusalem quoted by the world media.

Police patrols every few minutes blocked the road linking Jerusalem with the international airport named Ben-Gurion. One after another left the city tuples 45 foreign delegations participating in the International forum in memory of the victims of the Holocaust. 45 leaders and heads of state, European monarchs, whose participation made the Jerusalem forum, the most representative international event in the history of the state of Israel.

the World’s media, commenting on the statements of politicians given in the memorial center “Yad Vashem”, see a direct link between the growing anti-Semitism and the Holocaust, called the Russian President a black and tragic page in the history of mankind. “Mr. Putin noted that we need to remain vigilant and to monitor the appearance of the first germs of anti-Semitism, racism and xenophobia, to stop this in the Bud,” from CNN.

Speaking first among the invited foreign guests from the rostrum of the forum, Vladimir Putin proposed a problem-solving mechanism, able today to blow up the world:

“we must Have the courage to do everything to protect and defend the world. Example, in my opinion, can and must set the country, the founder of the United Nations, the five powers, which bear special responsibility for the preservation of civilization. We discussed with some colleagues and, as I understand it, in General, saw the positive response to hold a summit of heads of States permanent members of the UN Security Council — Russia, China, USA, France and great Britain”.

just a few minutes the initiative of the Russian leader was supported by the President of France Emmanuel macron. Joined the initiative and is a permanent member of the Security Council, China. Welcomed the idea and the UN. A discussion is needed though, because some of the heavyweights of the world community are trying to ignore or avoid uncomfortable topics.

And in Israel and in the United States noted that the speakers at the forum by Vice-President Mike Pence, speaking of the last historical drama, or forgot, or did not dare to say out loud that the Nazi camp “Auschwitz” was liberated by Soviet soldiers in 1944. That is the 75th anniversary of this event was to mark the Jerusalem forum.

unlike some Eastern European countries in Jerusalem know what the blood was given to the victory over Nazism to the Soviet people. Here erect monuments to the soldiers of the red army and Leningrad blockade, while in the Czech capital, local authorities are going to demolish the monument to Marshal Konev.

“Czechoslovakia has suffered from Nazism more than enough. Marshal Konev was in the head of the army, which liberated Czechoslovakia from the fascist plague. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers died for the liberation of the state. The Jewish community will certainly react to it” — said the President of the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia Alexander Boroda.

In Israel, where almost every family has a story about relatives who died in the ghetto shot by the Nazis in ditches and ravines, suffocated in the gas chambers, would be sensitive to attempts of glorification of the nationalist anti-Semitic. Here are disappointed with the actions of the Polish leader, Andrzej Duda, who refused to participate in the forum, preferring the Holocaust snowy Swiss slopes of Davos.

“the Films shown at the forum in Israel, did not take into account the Polish military action against Germany. This once again confirms that I made the right decision not to go,” — said the President of Poland Andrzej Duda.

Israeli historians suspect that Eastern European leaders do not want to hear about the crimes of the local population, killing and transferring the Nazis fled the camps Jewish prisoners.

“it’s Always disappointing to read some pages, unpleasant memory. Especially when we are talking about the Second world war and when we are talking about different degrees of cooperation with the German occupiers. This also applies to Poland”, — commented the researcher, the memorial Museum “Yad Vashem”, the Holocaust historian Aaron Schneier.

the Forum in Jerusalem to get world leaders to make a choice: an honest look at the tragic history of the Second world war and the responsibility for the safe future or past politicization, misrepresentation of facts, calculated to support the radical nationalists. It’s a choice to avoid which is impossible.