Russia has introduced special labelling of medicines — their authenticity can be checked using a special application on the phone. How will this work?

the Scanner in my pharmacy is now a kind of lie detector for drug manufacturers. Digital code the package can be tracked from pharmaceutical factory to the pharmacy shelf. To verify the authenticity of a drug may be any visitor, the app is “Honest sign” is installed on the phone, take the medicine, leads to QR-code phone, and he immediately scanned: we see that the drug was in the pharmacy network, so counterfeit goods can not be here.

Before the introduction of labelling in the pharmaceutical market a number of fraudulent schemes. Most of them are harmless – the so-called “overflow” when pharmacies sell drugs for hospitals.

“Product on the market sold at different systems, at different prices. Previously, there was the possibility of transition of goods from market to market. The system of “Honest sign” such an operation makes it impossible”, — said Vadim Gorbunov, IT Director of “Rigla”.

But sometimes it has to pay health. Olga Tarasova suddenly stopped to help the cure. Another stack she bought at the neighboring pharmacy. When the patient went to the doctor, she explained that, most likely, she is a fake.

Forge almost everything. Pandemic mers for fraud has become a gold mine.

“Growth in counterfeit antiviral drugs in just the past 4 months has increased by 18%. While sales of the counterfeit is 35% sold through the Internet,” — said the head of Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov.

New drugs developed specifically to combat the coronavirus, July 1, marked mandatory at the factory.

“The patient can be sure, your doctor applying the drug may be sure that there are no irregularities in the movement of this drug are not observed”, — said Vladimir kolyshkin, Director of the Yaroslavl factory finished dosage forms.

Now, tagging is mandatory for shoes, drugs and tobacco, both domestic and foreign manufacturers. Until the end of the year, these branches will join the spirits, where traditionally the sea of counterfeit goods, and cameras, and tires. The system is now adjusted in such a way that the fake digital code is meaningless.

“He’s tied to a specific legal entity that the code received. If the manufacturer had sold some lumber to the face, and then legal entity, then the code moves with it, and nowhere else to emerge he can’t, because all this is recorded in the system,” — said Revaz Yusupov, Deputy Director CRPT. It is impossible to get the codes in advance, then to glue, anywhere.

stocks also need to be marked. Or, at least, to provide accurate information about shipments. Or after August 1, it will be impossible to sell. While for bona fide manufacturers technically it’s pretty simple.

compulsory labelling scheme is introduced gradually. But by 2024 it must cover virtually all industries. The system of “Honest sign” I hope the developers will be able to complete the era of counterfeiting and piracy.