Honorary President of the ROC beetles: captain Canada has not removed the helmet because of the confusion

the Honorary President of the Russian Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov commented on the act of the captain of the youth canadian national team, not after the helmet during the anthem of Russia. According to officials, this was due to the psychological state of the player.

“I don’t think he specifically did not remove his helmet. The guy most likely was confused by the result. The Canadians suffered the largest defeat in history. They were all frustrated people” – quoted Zhukov to RIA Novosti.

Recall that the national team Russia defeated team Canada with the score 6:0 in the group stage match of the youth world championship, which takes place in the Czech Republic. Team Canada captain Barret Hayton during the national anthem in honor of the winners have not removed the helmet, after which the Russian hockey players refused to shake his hand.

Later, canadian hockey player apologized. He said that during the national anthem tried to reinvent a bad game, forgetting to remove his helmet.