Honored pilot of Russia analyzed the causes of the disaster Boeing

the True cause of the Ukrainian disaster “Boeing” under Tehran may not be a fire engine, said the honored pilot of Russia Yury Sytnik. Modern aircraft can complete the flight on one engine, while all the fire fighting system will be busy extinguishing the fire on the other.

“If there was a fire one of the engines, the plane could complete the flight on one engine. At an altitude of 2400 meters, he can turn around and land at the departure airport or to fly on one engine to the nearest airfield and make a landing there,” said Sitnic in an interview to “Russia 24”.

“Modern aircraft are designed so that in case of failure or ignition of one engine there was nothing wrong. Overlaps the fuel in the engine, disables the power supply system, off air from this engine, and the fire usually is extinguished because the fire – fighting system- there are three of them, and some airplanes are four – all aimed at suppression of this fire,” — said the expert.

However, he added, is that extinguish the fire fails, then falls off the wing or flaps, the plane flipped in the air and destroyed.

“all Pilots train for engine failure, fire engine. If the crew are experienced, they had to perform these procedures: turn off the fuel to the burning engine, disable the power supply system, to shut off the air supply or bleed air. And then to do the loop and land at the departure aerodrome. Why they did not? So, was any reason that prevented the crew to perform these procedures,” — said Sytnik.

He pointed out that the footage from the crash site visible small parts, scattered over a large distance. “This suggests that the plane was destroyed in the air. In the fall of the plane usually lies compactly – 150-200-300 meters spread far post can only separatee parts. Here on the photos we see small elements that are scattered over a large area and burn down,” explained the pilot.

He said that now speculate before – the experts will carefully examine the deciphering of the black boxes. “It will be clear – whether a single engine failure and fire, as he worked the second engine, as the crew worked, what was manipulation in the cockpit, what were the talks, the cries,” — said the expert.

rush also said that data coming in about the disaster, there are inconsistencies: “they Say that 2 minutes – and disaster, and in 2 minutes even with the vertical 10 meters per second is 1200 meters. Then, not 2 minutes, and was in the air more.”

“the Boeing-737” the pilot called a good and safe aircraft. “The engines may be different – maybe Pratt & Whitney, may Rolls-Royce. These aircraft are equipped with three or four engine manufacturers. To say that the plane is unreliable or the engine is unreliable, should not be”, — he stressed.

a Commission that will investigate the disaster, will be representatives of manufacturers of both the motor and plane. “To hide the true cause of the disaster (be it a rocket attack or some other reason) will be impossible, because the manufacturers of the aircraft to protect the aircraft, engine manufacturers will protect the engines, an airline representative will protect the crew. Therefore, 85-90%, we will know the true cause of the disaster,” — said Sytnik.

the Aircraft “Ukraine International airlines” crashed on the morning of 8 January in Tehran. On Board were 167 passengers and 9 crew members. Most of the passengers are citizens of Iran and Canada. Holocaust survivors no.