Hopkins University: COVID-19 contracted 7.3 million people died of 416 thousand

the Number who died from diseases associated with the coronavirus has reached 416 201 people. For the past day died 4924 person. Such data results American Johns Hopkins University.

in the world since the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19 ill 7 million 360 thousand 239 people, growth per day was 121 thousand 628 (against 120 thousand 410 a day earlier). Recovered a total of more than 3.5 million people.

however, according to Worldometer, infected 7 million 458 thousand 921 people died 419 thousand, cured 3.77 million.

the First place of the list keep continue to the United States (2.4 million people got sick, more than 112 thousand died). In second place Brazil (more than 772 thousand were sick, 39 thousand dead).

In Russia, according to the operational headquarters, the number of cases reached 493 657. Died 6358 people. Conducted more than 13.5 million tests for coronavirus.