Premier Padel Burdeos P2: Where to Watch and What Time to Watch Live Online

The Premier Padel Tour 2024 is back in Europe, and the top pairs on the circuit will have to compete in the Premier Padel Burdeos P2 in what promises to be an exciting week with everyone vying for the title. Ale Galán, alongside Fede Chingotto, hope to lift the trophy but are aware of the tough competition from Arturo Coello and Agustín Tapia.

### When is the Premier Padel Burdeos P2 2024: Padel Match Schedule

The Premier Padel Burdeos P2 kicks off on Monday, June 10, and will conclude on Sunday, June 16. For a week, fans of this sport can enjoy the best pairs on the circuit giving their all in this French city. This town will host the participants, who have been competing in South America for several weeks, making it the tenth stop of this championship.

The Arkea Arena in Burdeos will be the stage where the best pairs in the world of the Premier Padel Tour 2024 will face off to try and conquer the championship after an exciting calendar. The Premier Padel Burdeos P2 will have schedules that generally start from 10:00 hours, with the final set for 14:00 hours, one hour earlier in the Canary Islands.

### Where to Watch Premier Padel Burdeos P2 2024 Live Online

The way to watch the Premier Padel Burdeos P2 is the usual method for this Premier Padel Tour 2024. Fans of this sport, which is continuously growing, have become accustomed to following each round and match throughout the competition. In this championship held in France, it will be the same.

The initial rounds of this Premier Padel Burdeos P2 can be viewed via streaming and live online through the Premier Padel TV YouTube channel. It can be followed on a computer, as well as through the application, available for download on devices like tablets, mobiles, or smart TVs. Furthermore, there is a premium subscription to this platform to avoid ads, and Spanish commentary will be available.

The quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the grand final of this Premier Padel Burdeos P2 2024 can be watched live, via streaming, and live online through the Red Bull TV app. This is the way to enjoy the decisive and most exciting elimination rounds of this competition held in French lands. Once the tournament ends, all matches will be uploaded to this platform and can be viewed again.

### How to Watch the Premier Padel Tour and Download Red Bull TV for Free

All fans of this sport following the Premier Padel Tour 2024 and wanting to enjoy the Premier Padel Burdeos P2 can do so through the Red Bull TV app. This app is available in the stores of their devices, depending on the operating system used. The app must be downloaded and registered before being able to sit down and enjoy the best pairs in the world fighting for the title.

### Premier Padel Tour Calendar in 2024: All Tournaments and Dates

Enthusiasts of this sport are relishing the exciting Premier Padel Tour 2024, a circuit created with great resemblance to the ATP in tennis. The pairs began this journey last February, with a total of 25 tournaments on the calendar. They have already competed in various locations before facing the Premier Padel Burdeos P2.

Currently, standout pairs include Arturo Coello and Agustín Tapia, while the duo of Ale Galán and Fede Chingotto is also making waves. The Premier Padel Tour 2024 has already passed through several cities and will continue to do so before concluding in Barcelona on December 22.

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